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Have you just made your entrance as a part of the Mac world? Have you acquired a computer, an iPhone. an iPad or any other Apple device and do not possess the skill to exploit the potential of this product to its utmost? Contact us and we promise to study with you the most suited learning strategy for your needs and knowledge. We offer multiple and disparate courses: Abc for Mac, Introduction to iPhone and iPad, iLife and iWork.

Pacchetti formazione:


Welcome to the Mac world! If you have just purchased an Apple device, or if you want to adapt the possibilities of your machine to your demands, the Mac Abc course is the one for you. Together we will explore the operating system OS X found in all Mac devices. We shall instruct you in how to update your computer and device as well as how to manoeuvre yourself concerning applications and backups. All your doubts and questions will be solved and answered.


The OS X 10.8 Intermediate User Course is useful to either professional or private users, who wish to deepen their knowledge and measure themselves against managing the configuration of the operating system and the multi-user environment. Special analytic attention will be given to the Mountain Lion operating system; also with correlation to its integration within Windows environment. We will jointly also study how to overcome contingencies and other minor emergencies.


With the introduction onto the market of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple has completely changed our way of interacting with the net and telephony. This course is offered to those users, who live these devices as an integral part of their daily routine. Together we will see the manner in which to set up your telephone, or iPad to facilitate your everyday tasks.


The iLife course has purposely been devised to deepen our knowledge in the management of photographs and video images. Lessons split into two specific modules (iPhoto and iMovie) teach the way to realize professional presentations and films.


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