Apple Consultant

Numerous companies equipped with Mac technologies are in need of advanced competences in order to implement complex network solutions and architectures.

We provide system consultation for:

  • Design, realization and maintenance of LAN and WAN networks
  • Design and implementation of VPN solutions
  • Realization of authentication, authorization and security systems in Mac and mixed networks
  • Design of infrastructures for the deployment of iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Mac OS X Apple devices
  • On-site assistance (Assistance packages

Assistance packages:

One year help BASIC

Do not let this fantastic offer, which foresees a year’s telephonic assistance, slip through your fingers. We can resolve your problems or doubts while you are comfortably seated at home or at your office desk. And should an emergency not be solved, do not worry! We shall arrive at your home or at your company in person.

One year help FULL

Further to all telephonic assistance, we offer technical support packages via remote connection. What does remote connection mean? In a few seconds, we log in to your device in order to resolve your problems.

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